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Enclomiphene Citrate Powder

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Other names:Enclomiphene,(E)-Clomifene,RMI-16289,Enclomid,Enclomifene citrate,     Enclomiphene citrate,Androxal,EnCyzix.

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Product Description

Raw Enclomiphene Citrate Powder Basic Characters

Name:Enclomiphene Citrate Powder
Molecular Formula:C32H36ClNO8
Molecular Weight:598.1
Melt Point:133-139°C
Storage Temp:4°C, sealed storage, away from moisture and light
Color:White Powder

What is Encomiphene Citrate Powder?

Encomiphene Citrate is the purified trans-isomer of clomiphene citrate. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and a non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonist. It is used as a treatment for infertility in men with low testosterone levels, a condition known as hypogonadism.

SERMs like Encomiphene Citrate Powder and clomiphene citrate act as estrogen antagonists by binding to hypothalamic estrogen receptors in the brain. This tricks the body into thinking that it’s not getting enough estrogen, thus stimulating the production of the hormones luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Encomiphene Citrate Powder has been shown to have fewer side effects than clomiphene citrate.

Encomiphene Citrate Powder is typically taken orally and is available in a Powder form that can be mixed with water or other liquids. Even though you only buy raw Encomiphene Citrate Powder, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider when taking this medication.

Mechanism of action of Encomiphene Citrate Powder?

Encomiphene Citrate is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which means it has the ability to bind to estrogen receptors in different tissues in the body, acting as an estrogen agonist or antagonist depending on the tissue. In the hypothalamus, Encomiphene Citrate acts as an estrogen antagonist, leading to increased production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which stimulates the release of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland. This, in turn, triggers ovulation and the production of progesterone from the ovaries.

Encomiphene Citrate is used in the treatment of ovulatory dysfunction in women with infertility, and it helps to restore normal ovulation cycles by blocking the negative feedback of estrogen on the hypothalamus. By doing so, it increases the release of GnRH, which stimulates the release of FSH and LH, leading to the growth and maturation of ovarian follicles and the release of an egg.

In men, Encomiphene Citrate can also increase the production of testosterone by inhibiting the negative feedback of estrogen on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone.

Overall, the mechanism of action of Encomiphene Citrate involves regulating the production and release of hormones involved in ovulation and testosterone production, which can help to improve fertility in both men and women.

What are the benefits of taking Encomiphene Citrate Powder?

The effects of taking Enclomiphene Citrate Powder can vary depending on the individual and the dose of the medication, but some common benefits  include:

Improved Sperm Quality: Enclomiphene Citrate Powder can also improve sperm quality in men with hypogonadism, leading to increas fertility and the ability to conceive a child.

Increased Testosterone Production: Enclomiphene Citrate Powder works by stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone.

Other benefits of taking Enclomiphene Citrate Powder

While boosting your testosterone and sperm count can help improve your overall fertility, there are other benefits to taking Enclomiphene Citrate Powder.

Optimized testosterone has been linked to:

More lean mass: Studies show that testosterone helps to support healthy weight loss by increasing your metabolism.This results in more lean body mass and muscle growth.

Higher sex drive: Testosterone is closely linked to libido, with higher levels associated with higher sex drive. There is also some evidence that optimized testosterone may also improve erectile dysfunction (ED).

Improved mood: From brain fog to anxiety, low testosterone can also affect one’s mood and cognitive function. Research shows that boosting testosterone levels correlates with improved quality of life, including more sociability, concentration, and self-confidence.

How does Encomiphene Citrate Powder compare to testosterone replacement therapy(TRT)?

There are two types of hypogonadism – primary hypogonadism and secondary hypogonadism.

  • In primary hypogonadism, hypothalamus and pituitary function are normal, meaning that these glands are successfully signaling the testicles to produce testosterone—but the testicles are failing to make much testosterone at all. This is also known as primary testicular failure.
  • In secondary hypogonadism, the situation is reversed. A man has normal testicles that should be capable of producing testosterone, but the hypothalamus and the pituitary are not sending the signal to increase testosterone production.

Most men with “Low T” suffer from secondary hypogonadism.

In the case of primary hypogonadism, testosterone replacement treatment (TRT), which involves supplying the body with exogenous testosterone, is essentially your only alternative.

But in  secondary  hypogonadism, the picture is a bit more complicated. In these cases, simply taking testosterone is probably not the best idea.

TRT is not best for secondary hypogonadism.

Unfortunately, a significant amount of extra testosterone generated by TRT is transformed into estradiol, a type of estrogen. When extra estradiol binds to cellular estrogen receptors in the brain and pituitary glands, your body responds by producing less luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) play a crucial role in the production of testosterone by the testicles in men. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help increase testosterone levels in men with secondary hypogonadism, but it can also have long-term effects on fertility and endogenous testosterone production. This is because TRT can suppress the production of LH and FSH, leading to a decrease in the production of endogenous testosterone and a reduction in sperm count. Therefore, men who receive TRT may experience reduced fertility and may need external support, such as medications or assisted reproductive technologies, to father children.

This means that even if your testicles are healthy before you begin TRT, you could become permanently reliant on exogenous testosterone once you begin. Your testosterone levels and fertility will be significantly lower if you quit using it than before you started TRT.

Encomiphene Citrate Powder is a safe alternative to TRT treatment, which has risks ranging from testicular shrinkage and acne to decreased sperm production. While both treatments are intended to boost testosterone levels, Encomiphene Citrate Powder stimulates the body to produce its own testosterone, while traditional testosterone replacement therapy replaces low testosterone levels in men with exogenous, synthetic testosterone.

Differences between Encomiphene Citrate and Clomid (clomiphene citrate)

Encomiphene Citrate and clomiphene citrate are both selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and are used to treat infertility in men with low testosterone levels. However, there are some differences between the two medications.

The main difference between Encomiphene Citrate and clomiphene citrate is that Encomiphene Citrate is the transisomer of clomiphene citrate, it is a single isomer with pure estrogen antagonism. While clomiphene citrate consists of a mixture of isomers. Some studies have suggested that Encomiphene Citrate may have fewer side effects and may be more effective than clomiphene citrate in certain patients.

In terms of their uses, both Encomiphene Citrate and clomiphene citrate are used to treat infertility in men with low testosterone levels. They work by increasing the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn stimulate the testicles to produce more testosterone.

Overall, while Encomiphene Citrate and clomiphene citrate are similar medications, Encomiphene Citrate may be a more pure and potentially more effective form of the drug, although more research is needed to fully understand the differences between the two medications.

Use of Encomiphene Citrate Powder as a performance-enhancing drug

Encomiphene Citrate is a prescription medication that is primarily used to treat male hypogonadism and infertility. While it is not approved for use as a performance-enhancing drug, some athletes and bodybuilders have reportedly used Encomiphene Citrate Powder to boost their testosterone levels and improve their performance. In many countries, the use and distribution of Encomiphene Citrate drug (former tentative brand names Androxal and EnCyzix) without a prescription is illegal. However, you can buy Encomiphene Citrate Powder. The use of fake Encomiphene Citrate Powder can be dangerous and can cause adverse effects, It is important to buy high purity Encomiphene Citrate Powder from a reliable supplier.AASRAW is the supplier to trust.AASRAW supplies high-quality Encomiphene Citrate Powder at factory price.

What are the Side effects of taking Encomiphene Citrate?

Encomiphene Citrate is a medication that is typically prescribed to men with hypogonadism (low testosterone levels). As with any medication, Encomiphene Citrate can cause side effects, although not everyone will experience them. Some common side effects of taking Encomiphene Citrate Powder include:

Hot flashes






Mood changes


Increased hair growth

In rare cases, more serious side effects can occur, such as visual disturbances, blood clots, or liver problems. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

It is important to note that Encomiphene Citrate tablets should only be taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider and Even if you buy Enclomiphene Powder, it still needs to be taken at the prescribed dosage. Taking too much of this medication or using it for purposes other than what it is prescribed for can increase the risk of side effects.

How do I get Encomiphene Citrate Powder?

Clinical trials on Encomiphene Citrate Powder have shown promising results in improving testosterone levels and symptoms of hypogonadism (low testosterone) in men. However, more research is needed to fully understand its safety and efficacy.

If you end up getting a secondary hypogonadism diagnosis, then Encomiphene Citrate Powder is eminently worthy of your consideration as a treatment for your condition.

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Enclomiphene Citrate Powder Testing Report-HNMR

7599-79-3 HNMR


What is HNMR and What does HNMR spectrum tell you? 
H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (INMR)spectroscopy is an analytical chemistry technique used in quality control
and research for determining the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure. For 
example, NMR can quantitatively analyze mixtures containing known compounds. For unknown compounds, NMR 
can(either be used to match against spectral libraries or to infer the basic structure directly. Once the
basic structure is known, NMR can be used to determine molecular conformation in solution as well as 
studying physical properties at the molecular level such as conformational exchange, phase changes,
solubility, and diffusion.

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Dr. Monique Hong graduated from UK Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine

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In no way does this doctor/scientist endorse or advocate the purchase, sale, or use of this product for any reason. Aasraw has no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, with this physician. The purpose of citing this doctor is to acknowledge and commend the exhaustive research and development work done by the scientists working on this substance.


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