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How Does Orlistat Work as a Weight Loss Drug

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1.Weight Loss Drug History

The first weight loss drugs, referred to as fat reducers at the time, became available in the late 1800s. Although the drug caused some severe side effects, it continued to be available for use until the 1960s.

A new medication known as Dinitrophenol was introduced in the 1930s and it became quite popular in managing weight loss. The drug produced a thermogenic effect within the body, facilitating weight loss.

In the mid-1950s, amphetamines became available and turned out to be the weight loss drug of choice. It facilitated weight loss by suppressing appetite. Sadly, it increased the risk of pulmonary hypertension, resulting in its withdrawal from the market in 1968.

In the 1970s, ephedrine became a prescribed treatment for weight loss. The drug, however, triggered some adverse reactions that resulted in it being declared a hazardous substance.

In 1973, fenfluramine became approved as a weight loss supplement. Its popularity soared in 1992 when it was combined with phentermine to create a weight loss drug known as fen-phen. Sadly, the drug caused some adverse effects, which led to its withdrawal from the market in 1997. In the 21st century, weight loss drug, many based on herbal formulations, flooded the market.

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2.Weight Loss Drug Classification

Weight loss drugs are classified into three major categories according to their mechanism of action and are as follows:


(1)Appetite suppressant(Diet)

Drugs that lower food intake are called sympathomimetic agents. They usually suppress the appetite while inducing satiety earlier than usual. Satiety is the “full” feeling or satisfaction obtained from taking food. Appetite suppressants function by mimicking a neurotransmitter in the human brain that controls appetite, known as noradrenaline (NA).


These drugs share a similar chemical structure with NA and can; as a result bind to the same receptors as noradrenaline. The drugs also improve noradrenaline activity in the “feeding center” of the human brain, the hypothalamus. The human hypothalamus controls the energy balance in the body system. The information about individual energy stores is synthesized in the hypothalamus which regulates food intake and appetite. Noradrenaline binding and activity in the hypothalamus has a reducing effect on appetite. Such drugs include:

❶ Lorcaserin HCL(Belviq) CAS: 1431697-94-7

❷ Rimonabant HCL CAS: 158681-13-1

❸ DNP CAS: 119-26-6


(2)Fat Burning

Fat burning weight loss drugs can assist fat loss by minimizing cravings, enhancing metabolism, and maintaining a healthy appetite. They can also maximize workout potential by boosting energy and focus. Such drugs include:

❶ Synephrine CAS: 94-07-5

❷ DMAA/1,3-Dimethylpentylamine CAS: 13803-74-2


(3)Improve digestion

These weight loss drugs work by interfering with the ability of the digestion system to absorb particular nutrients in food. For instance, Orlistat is known to block fat breakdown and therefore prevents fat absorption. Several other supplements have been applied in lowering caloric absorption and inhibiting digestion. In this post, we will discuss more about the following such drugs:

❶ Orlistat CAS: 96829-58-2

❷ Cetilistat CAS: 282526-98-1

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3.The 3 Most Popular Weight Loss Powder In Market

(1) Orlistat CAS: 96829-58-2

Orlistat is a potent pancreatic and gastric lipase inhibitor. All dietary triglycerides are metabolized with the aid of pancreatic and gastric lipases. The lipases enzymatically break down the triglycerides into free fatty acids that can later be absorbed in small intestines. Gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitors form bonds with the pancreatic and gastric lipases in the lumen of the small intestine and stomach making these enzymes unable to work correctly.

Through the inhibition of the action of these lipases, dietary fat digestion is also inhibited, and triglycerides are excreted in the feces. Orlistat weight loss drug prevents around 30 percent of the nutritional fats from meals from being absorbed into the human body system (when 30 percent of the energy in meals is supplied by triglycerides). The average weight reduction after one year with a combination of Xenical (orlistat) and changes in lifestyle is around a whopping 8.5 kg.

Along with reducing absorption of the dietary triglycerides, orlistat weight loss powder has been found to:

  • Have a positive effect on blood pressure;
  • Reduce cholesterol absorption and therefore cholesterol levels (together with LDL cholesterol);
  • Enhance insulin resistance; and
  • Boost glycaemic control.

It is widely thought that orlistat’ s gastrointestinal adverse effects act in a similar way to negative reinforcement, which encourages those on this medication to adhere strictly to a low-fat diet.


(2) Cetilistat CAS: 282526-98-1

Cetilistat is an orally active, novel, pancreatic and gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. Cetilistat weight loss drug is a drug manufactured to treat obesity. It functions in a similar manner as the drug discussed earlier known as Xenical (orlistat) by controlling pancreatic lipase, the enzyme which breaks down triglycerides in our intestine. Without these enzymes, triglycerides from our food are prevented from being digested into free fatty acids that can be absorbed and are removed from the body undigested.

In clinical trials involving obese patients without type 2 diabetes and in obese patients living with type 2 diabetes. When Cetilistat weight loss powder was administered for twelve weeks, it significantly lowered body weight, total cholesterol, serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol more quickly in comparison to placebo.

The percentage of obese patients showing a considerable reduction in the baseline body weight of at least 5 percent was higher in all active arms compared to placebo. In overweight diabetic patients, the HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) levels were also significantly lowered. Cetilistat weight loss drug showed moderate to mild adverse effects, predominantly causing steatorrhea (gastrointestinal nature) with an incidence lower than that in orlistat. This drug was recently approved in Japan to treat obesity with other complications.


(3) Lorcaserin HCL(Belviq) CAS: 1431697-94-7

Lorcaserin HCl drug functions to control metabolism and appetite. The drug was approved by the FDA in the year 2012 for people with a BMI of more than 30, and for patients with a Body Mass Index of 27 or more who also have high cholesterol, blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. The drug also functions to enhance the serotonin 2CV receptor in the human brain that can assist patients to feel full after taking less. In medical trials, 38% of adults (without type 2 diabetes) lost more than 5% of their body weight, in comparison to 16% of adults treated with a placebo. Since sibutramine powder was banned in China, lorcaserin hcl powder is the best substitute in market and many suppliers who committed to the production of weight loss drugs prefer to use lorcaserin hcl powder.

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4.How To Buy Effective Weight Loss Powder Online?

As seen from our detailed discussion, there are many weight loss drugs out there which are derived from a wide range organic compounds. Most of these drugs have been found to be effective, and some of them have been approved by various jurisdictions such as FDA and Japan, to mention a few, for the treatment of obesity.

After spending many hours researching on weight loss drugs, we were able to identify a few 2018 World’ s Best-Selling Weight Loss Powder Supplements. These weight loss powder supplements include orlistat weight loss powder and lorcaserin weight loss powder. Unlike the crap of weight loss supplements found at any drug store, these weight loss medicines which have been prescribed by medical professionals have gone through years of testing to get a stamp of approval from the FDA and several other jurisdictions. We highly recommend that you try these drugs because they have been proven to be not only efficient but also safe to use.

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1.How does lorcaserin help you lose weight?

For weight loss, Lorcaserin works by affecting the body’s sensation of feeling full by changing serotonin levels in the brain. It is in this way that Lorcaserin can work to treat opioid addiction.

2.Is the lorcaserin hcl powder controlled?

Although not a stimulant, lorcaserin is likely to cause drug dependence and abuse. For this reason, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) listed it under the Controlled Substances Act at Schedule IV.


So, how do they control one’s dosage? I’ll explain. An overdose may be accidental but then it might also be an intentional move of stimulating the user. In order to bring sanity, you can only refill the prescriptions for a limited number of times.

Some of the side effects of lorcaserin include hallucinations, feeling ‘high’, sedation, or euphoria. In a few cases, some patients who discontinued the dose exhibited some withdrawal symptoms. All these factors are enough proof that the medication can cause psychic dependence.

3.Is weight-loss drug lorcaserin hcl safe?

A major study has found promising results for the safety of a weight-loss drug available in the US.The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, says adults using the drug lorcaserin lost an average of 4kg (8.8lb) over 40 months. It says the drug, which works by suppressing appetite, does not put people at greater risk of heart issues. But experts emphasise the importance of long-term lifestyle changes in achieving effective weight loss.Lorcaserin has been available in the US for several years under the name Belviq, but it has yet to be approved for use in Europe.

4.Is Orlistat effective for weight loss?

Orlistat works by preventing the fat from the food that you eat from being absorbed into your body. This fat eventually exits the body via your faeces.

For Orlistat to work, it must be used in conjunction with other weight-loss tactics. These include a regular exercise programme and a healthy diet plan. When taken on its own, Orlistat may not reduce weight, as it doesn’t burn existing fat.If used together with additional weight loss tactics, Orlistat has been shown to be effective at aiding weight loss.

One study found that people who took Orlistat and kept to a low-calorie diet lost on average 1.25 stone (8.1kg) a year, which was 6lb (2.8kg) more than those who did not take Orlistat during the same time period. Another study found that 743 obese patients taking Orlistat for weight loss had lost on average 10.3kg of weight after one year. This is in contrast to the 6.1kg patients not taking Orlistat lost.

Other studies have also found that people following this course of treatment could lose up to 10% of their body weight in a year.

5.Who should use orlistat powder?

Orlistat for weight loss is best taken by those who struggle to lose weight through other means. Before starting Orlistat, you should first have tried losing weight through a calorie-controlled diet and exercising regularly. You should also consider quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake before taking the medication. After taking Orlistat for a few weeks, you can expect to see dramatic weight loss. The actual amount varies between individuals, depending on their diet and exercise regime.

6.Orlistat powder reviews: before and after

Zak (4th, Mar. 2021): This is the first weight loss plan that I have been able to stick to. I highly recommend Orlistat powder. If you don’t like the “treatment effects”, then you really watch your fat intake! I can’t say enough about Orlistat powder. I have found that I can have a variety of foods – but portion size is the key!


Jimmy(16th, Apr. 2020): 3 weeks so far so good since I buy orlistat powder online and try some. I am losing the weight slow which is what I want so that I don’t have the yoyo affect. STAY on your low fat diet. I ate pizza one day and followed up with two slices for breakfast and had the oily orange discharge when passing gas or during bowel movement. Yes it will let you know when you ate too much or the wrong thing. Count your calories eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. Drink water. After reading others side affects it helps me to stick with Alli because when it happens you will scratch your head with the thought UhUh, oh no, you kidding me.


Bob(24th, Sep. 2021): I lose 6 pounds in one week with orlistat powder.. but I eat healthy food mon thru fri: food low fat and low calories and weekend I eat anything moderate. Also, I walking 45 minutes everyday and play tennis 3 hours on sat.

As the reviews above testify, our customers’ experiences of Orlistat as a weight-loss treatment are overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few of the key factors our customer reviews of Orlistat highlighted:

♦ It is effective at helping patients lose weight

♦ It’s great for kickstarting a weight loss plan

♦ It’s useful for slow but steady weekly weight loss

♦ It’s beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels too

Overall, our customers point to Orlistat as a reliable and effective way to lose weight.

7.What is side effects of orlistat?

Common side effects of Orlistat

The most common side effects of Orlistat typically affect around one in 10 people. These include the below, but the most common side effect is headaches:

▪ Oily or fatty faeces or oily discharge from your anus — look out for oily spots on your underwear

▪ Urgent or increased bowel movements

▪ Increased flatulence, sometimes with discharge

▪ Headaches

▪ Upper respiratory tract infections (RTIs), such as colds

▪ Stomach pains or discomfort

All of these effects are temporary and should pass with time. However, if you experience them for a prolonged period of time, or they get worse, consult with your doctor immediately.


Less common side effects of Orlistat

The side effects of Orlistat below are less common than those listed above and include:

▪ Softer faeces

▪ Faecal incontinence

▪ Gum or teeth disorders

▪ Bloating — this is more commonly experienced by people with type 2 diabetes

▪ Irregular periods

▪ Fatigue

▪ Lower respiratory tract infections

▪ Rectal pain or discomfort

If you do experience any of these side effects for a prolonged period of time or your symptoms start to get worse, speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

8.How can I reduce the side effects of Orlistat?

Most side effects of Orlistat are temporary and go away with time. If your side effects do not go away, speak with your doctor as soon as possible. It is possible to reduce Orlistat’s side effects by measuring how much fat you consume in each meal.

Orlistat works by stopping fats in your food from being absorbed into the gut. It expels any unabsorbed fat through the bowels. However, Orlistat can only get rid of so much fat per meal. Consequently, if you eat a meal with more than 1-15 grams of fat, you might experience Orlistat’s side effects more frequently. To reduce the side effects of Orlistat, consume no more than 1-15 grams of fat per meal if you’re taking Orlistat 120 mg capsules.

You can also reduce Orlistat’s side effects by sticking to the correct dosage of Orlistat. Taking more than the recommended dosage of Orlistat after a meal increases its side effects, so stick to the dosage recommended.

9.How to use Cetilistat powder to treat obesity?

The growing prevalence of obesity has stimulated the search for drugs to treat this condition. Various therapeutic strategies have been explored, including:

▪ Serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (anorectic agents)

▪ Lipase inhibitors

▪ b 3-adrenoreceptor agonists

▪ Leptin agonists

▪ Melanocortin-3 agonists

▪ Endocannabinoid receptor antagonists


Cetilistat powder is a lipase inhibitor, with a similar mode of action to Roche’s anti-obesity medication orlistat powder which received regulatory approval in 1997. These drugs act in the gastrointestinal tract to inhibit lipases, enzymes involved in the breakdown of dietary fats. By inhibiting the breakdown and subsequent absorption of fats from the gut, lipase inhibitors reduce fat intake and calories, thus aiding fat loss.

10.Orlistat Powder Vs Cetilistat powder

Items Orlistat Powder Cetilistat powder
CAS number 96829-58-2  282526-98-1
Mechanism of action Orlistat does not work by suppressing appetite; it reduces the amount of fats that your body absorbs from the food that you consume. Cetilistat is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor that blocks fat digestion and absorption, leading to reduced energy intake, and thus weight loss.
Dosage 120 mg orally three times a day with each main meal containing fat. 120 mg three times a day immediately after each meal.
Side effects ▪ Passing gas, sometimes with oily spotting

▪ Loose stools, greasy stools, or diarrhea

▪ Frequent stools or bowel movements that are hard to control

▪ Constipation

▪ Abdominal pain

▪ Bloating

▪ Oily

▪ Loose stools

▪ Fecal incontinence

▪ Flatulence

▪ Abdominal Pain

▪ Soft stools

▪ Dry Mouth


Reviews ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆


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