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AASraw offers small-scale production capabilities to quickly respond to the demand for smaller quantities and scale-up development needs (1 to 50 kg).

AASraw's facilities are suited to the manufacturing of chemical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in clinical trials,

as well as for marketed small-volume APIs. The small-scale plants operate according to GMP guidelines.

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Kilo manufacture


AASraw's modular approach to tailor the equipment to specific needs enables these facilities to handle small- to medium-scale production.

Process and technology transfer as well as scale-up feed our large-scale multipurpose plants.



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Bulk Production

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As part of AASraw full volume range manufacturing and scale-up services, versatile large-scale capabilities are offered for the production of up to several 100 tons per product and year, e.g. 100 m3 capacity.

Dedicated plants for:

◆ Hydrogenation and other high-pressure reactions (up to 80 bar)

◆ Low-temperature chemistry (down to –80°C)

◆ Drying (1 tons per batch)

◆ Active pharmaceutical ingredients (GMP)

◆ Distillation (up to 70 stages)

◆ High-temperature chemistry(up to 250°C)

◆ Medium-pressure flash chromatography capabilities of up to 20 kilogram scale of separation material.

Isolation & Drying

Isolation equipment for small-scale, kilo manufacture and large-scale manufacture.

◆ Pressure filters (mobile and fix, clean rooms)

◆ Centrifuges (clean rooms)

◆ 3 Clean rooms (Class100'000)

◆ 2 Dedicated filtration rooms

◆ Drying equipment (GMP)

◆ Vacuum tray dryer

◆ Double conus dryer (4.5m3, stainless steel)

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