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Make Testosterone Enanthate Homebrew


“Creating high-purity Testosterone Enanthate at home is a complex but rewarding process that requires precision, caution, and a good understanding of chemistry. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you understand every detail and precaution needed to produce a high-quality product. Please note that this guide is for educational purposes only. Actual operations should comply with local laws and regulations and be conducted under the supervision of professionals.”


1. Introduction
2.Ingredients and Equipment
3.Step-by-Step Guide
4. Precautions
6.Detailed Process and Explanation
7.Advanced Topics



Testosterone Enanthate is a popular anabolic steroid used for various medical and performance-enhancing purposes. It’s crucial to understand the science behind its synthesis and the importance of maintaining high purity in the final product. This guide will help you make Testosterone Enanthate using testosterone enanthate powder, ensuring you get the best results possible.


2.Ingredients and Equipment

(1) Raw Materials

Raw Materials

① Testosterone enanthate powder: This is the primary ingredient. Ensure you get it from a reputable testosterone enanthate manufacturer like AASraw to guarantee its purity and effectiveness.

② Benzyl Alcohol (BA): Used as a solvent and preservative.

③ Benzyl Benzoate (BB): Acts as a solvent and stabilizer.

④ Vegetable Oil (e.g., Grapeseed Oil): Used to dilute the solution to the desired concentration.


(2) Equipment


① Glass Beaker: For mixing the ingredients.

② Syringes: For measuring liquids accurately.

③ Filters: To ensure the solution is free of particulates.

④ Heater: used to heat the powder and oil to make them fully dissolved.

⑤ Digital Scale: For precise measurement of the powder.

⑥ Stirring Rod: To mix the solution.

⑦ Sterilizer: To sterilize the final product.

⑧ Vials: For storing the finished product.


3.Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Preparation


Cleaning and Sterilizing

Before starting, ensure all equipment and the working environment are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. This is crucial to avoid contamination and ensure the purity of the final product. Use alcohol or a sterilizing solution to wipe down all surfaces and tools.

Measuring Raw Materials

Use a digital scale to measure the required amounts of testosterone enanthate powder, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, and grapeseed oil. The typical ratio is:

  • Testosterone Enanthate powder: 62.5 grams
  • Benzyl alcohol(BA): 5ml (2%)
  • Benzyl benzoate (BB): 50 ml (20ml)
  • Grapeseed oil: 148.13ml

Step 2: Dissolve and Mix


Dissolve the Testosterone Enanthate Powder

Pour the weighed Testosterone Enanthate Powder into a beaker, add the benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate, heat with a heater, and stir with a stirring rod until the powder is completely dissolved. This may take some time and patience. Make sure the mixture is homogeneous.

Add Grapeseed Oil

Once the powder is completely dissolved, slowly add the grapeseed oil while continuing to stir. Make sure the mixture is homogeneous and there are no layers. The grapeseed oil helps to dilute the solution and make it suitable for injection.


Step 3: Filter and Sterilize


Filter the mixture

Use a syringe and filter to filter the mixture into another clean beaker. Filtering removes any undissolved particles and ensures the purity of the solution. This step is critical to the safety and efficacy of the final product.


Pour the filtered mixture into a sterilized vial and sterilize it. You can use an oven for sterilization, set the temperature to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius) and the time to 20 minutes. This step ensures that any remaining bacteria or contaminants are eliminated.


Step 4: Storage and Use



The sterilized testosterone enanthate solution should be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the vial is well sealed to prevent contamination. Label the vial with the preparation date and solution concentration.


Before use, always consult a doctor or professional to ensure the correct dosage and method. During use, maintain aseptic technique to avoid infection. Never use a solution that looks cloudy or has visible particles.



Legal Regulations: Ensure you are aware of and comply with local laws and regulations before conducting any operations. The manufacture and use of anabolic steroids are heavily regulated in many countries.

Safety: Wear gloves and goggles during the process to avoid contact with chemicals. Always work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling any fumes.

Professional Guidance: If you lack experience, it is strongly recommended to conduct operations under the guidance of professionals. This can help prevent mistakes and ensure a high-quality product.



Making Testosterone Enanthate requires strict steps and meticulous operations. Through this detailed guide, we hope you understand each crucial point in the production process. Always remember to prioritize safety and comply with legal requirements when conducting any operations.

For reliable Test E powder and other ingredients, consider sourcing from a reputable Test E powder supplier such as AASraw, known for their high-quality products.


6.Detailed Process and Explanation

Now let’s dive deeper into each step of the process, explaining the scientific reasoning behind each action to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Step 1: Preparation

Step 1 Preparation

The Importance of Cleaning and Sterilizing

Cleaning and sterilizing your equipment and workspace is crucial to prevent contamination. Contaminants can cause infections when the final product is used, which can be dangerous. Sterilization also ensures that the active ingredient remains potent and effective.

Proper Measuring Techniques

Precision in measuring your raw materials ensures that the final product has the correct concentration of active ingredients. Too much or too little of any component can affect the efficacy and safety of the steroid. Using a digital scale is essential for achieving the necessary accuracy.


Step 2: Dissolving and Mixing

Step 2 Dissolving and Mixing

Dissolving the Powder

When dissolving the testosterone enanthate powder, it’s important to do so in the correct solvents—benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate. These solvents not only help dissolve the powder but also act as preservatives, preventing microbial growth in the solution.

Role of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil, such as grapeseed oil, is used to dilute the solution to the desired concentration. It ensures the solution is safe for injection and helps in achieving the right viscosity, making it easier to inject.


Step 3: Filtering and Sterilizing

Step 3 Filtering and Sterilizing

Why Filtering is Crucial

Filtering the mixture removes any undissolved particles, ensuring that the solution is pure and safe for injection. Particles in the solution can cause blockages and lead to infections or other complications.

Sterilization Techniques

Sterilizing the final product is perhaps the most critical step. It ensures that any remaining bacteria or spores are killed, making the solution safe for injection. An oven is commonly used for this purpose, but autoclaves can also be used if available.


Step 4: Storing and Using

Step 4 Storing and Using

Proper Storage Conditions

Storing the final product correctly ensures its longevity and effectiveness. Exposure to light, heat, or air can degrade the active ingredients, reducing the product’s potency. Therefore, keeping it in a cool, dark place is essential.

Safe Usage Practices

Using the final product safely involves following the correct dosage as prescribed by a healthcare professional. It also involves maintaining sterile techniques during injection to prevent infections.


7.Advanced Topics

①Understanding the Chemistry

  • Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is a modified form of testosterone, designed to release slowly into the bloodstream. This slow release is due to the enanthate ester attached to the testosterone molecule, which delays the hormone’s release and prolongs its activity in the body.

②Sourcing High-Quality Ingredients

  • Finding a Reputable Supplier

It’s crucial to source your raw materials from reputable suppliers to ensure the quality and purity of your product. Companies like AASraw are known for their high standards and quality control, making them a reliable source for testosterone enanthate powder.

③Regulatory and Legal Considerations

  • Understanding Local Laws

Before attempting to make Testosterone Enanthate, it’s important to understand the legal landscape in your country. Many regions have strict regulations regarding the manufacture, possession, and use of anabolic steroids.


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Author of this article:

Dr. Monique Hong graduated from UK Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine


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