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Athletes utilize MK-677 to get a competitive advantage in sports. MK-677 binds to the ghrelin receptor and mimics ghrelin’s actions. These impacts included increased hunger, muscle mass, bone mineral density, angiogenesis, VEGF expression, heart protection, and glucose and energy balance modification.

1. What’s (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder?
2. (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Main Benefits
3. (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Side Effects
4. Why to Choose MK-677?
5. How To Use Ibutamoren
6. What Dosage Should I Take?
7. Why is it Recommended for Bodybuilders?
8. (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Details:
9. How to Take Liquid (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder of the?
10. Genius Buy MK-677 Powder : buy Ibutamoren Powder from AASraw

1.Whats (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder?

(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder is a drug that may improve longevity, bone density, cognitive ability, strength, and metabolism. It’s being investigated for Alzheimer’s disease, frailty in the elderly, and growth hormone deficiency.

MK-677 is also used by athletes to gain a competitive edge in sports. MK-677 binds to the ghrelin receptor, mimicking the effects of ghrelin. These effects included increased appetite, muscle mass, bone mineral density, angiogenesis, VEGF expression, protection of the heart, and modulation of glucose and energy homeostasis.

Ibutamoren is frequently discussed on online forums for its anabolic muscle-building properties. It is available over the counter and used by those wishing to increase their growth hormone levels.

However, clinical studies of this compound are relatively few. In the text below, we will highlight what is known about ibutamoren so far.

Ibutamoren (also known as ibutamoren mesylate or MK-677), promotes the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels, by mimicking the action of the hormone ghrelin, and binding to one of the ghrelin receptors (GHSR) in the brain. Activated GHSR stimulates growth hormone release from the brain.

GHSR is found in brain regions that control appetite, pleasure, mood, biological rhythms, memory, and cognition. Therefore, we can expect that ibutamoren may also affect these functions. However, so far, clinical studies describe only the effects ibutamoren has on appetite – and as expected, like ghrelin, ibutamoren increases it.

A great thing about ibutamoren is that it increases growth hormone levels with little or no increase in other hormones, such as cortisol. Cortisol suppresses the immune system, reduces wound healing, and impairs learning and memory, and it’s usually not good to have this hormone elevated.

2.(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Main Benefits

The health benefits of MK-677 look promising. Growth hormone declines with aging, and MK-677 has proved in randomized, placebo-controlled trials to reverse this decline 1.

This is a classic approach to longevity research. Figure out what hormones, neurotransmitters or other signals decline with aging. Next, see if restoring levels also reverses the effects of aging.

I first became interested in MK-677 because I was researching the relationship between sleep and growth hormone.

Before I discuss the benefits, side effects, and dosage of (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder, let’s back up and discuss growth hormone itself.

1) Ibutamoren Helps Build Muscles

Ibutamoren is frequently used as an anabolic substance, to increase lean body mass i.e. create bigger muscles. It is orally active and can be taken once a day. These are all benefits compared with other growth hormone stimulators.

As previously mentioned, ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels and IGF-1. Both growth hormone and IGF-1, in turn, increase muscle mass, muscle strength, and reduce body fat.

In healthy obese men, a two-month treatment with ibutamoren increased lean mass, and transiently increased basal metabolic rate (BMR).

2) Ibutamoren Reduce Muscle Wasting

In food-deprived healthy volunteers, ibutamoren reversed diet-induced protein loss, that could cause muscle wasting.

In elderly patients with hip fracture, ibutamoren improved gait speed, muscle strength and reduced the number of falls.

Primobolan – the best cutting steroid (2)

3) Ibutamoren Increases Bone Density

Growth hormone (GH) increases bone turnover and eventually bone density. However, because of the increased turnover in subjects treated with growth hormone, bone density can initially decrease before increasing. Basically, it takes time (> 1 year) to see the bone density increase.

In healthy obese male volunteers, ibutamoren increased bone turnover.

In elderly adults, ibutamoren increased bone building, as measured by osteocalcin, a marker of bone turnover.

In post-menopausal women, ibutamoren increased bone mineral density, which helps increase bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.

4) Ibutamoren Improves Sleep

A study showed that in both younger and elderly subjects, ibutamoren improved sleep quality and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep duration.

Apart from scientific studies, there have been many reports of subjective improvements in sleep quality, across various online forums.

5) Ibutamoren Combats Aging and May Increase Longevity

Growth Hormone (GH) secretion and muscle mass both decline from mid-puberty throughout life.

In a study in the elderly, daily ibutamoren increased GH and IGF-1 levels to those of healthy young adults without serious adverse effects. IGF-1 is known to have beneficial effects on longevity.

In another study, ibutamoren rejuvenated the growth hormone profile in obese subjects.

6) Ibutamoren May Have Nootropic Effects

Some people use ibutamoren as a nootropic because it acts on the ghrelin receptor, which has nootropic effects. You can read more about these effects in the post on ghrelin. Science is, however, yet to study if and how ibutamoren affects cognitive performance.

Two indirect mechanisms by which ibutamoren can improve brain function:

Ibutamoren increases IGF-1, which is known to improve memory and learning.

Ibutamoren also increases REM sleep duration and sleep quality. And we know that sleep is essential for good cognitive function.

A study questioned the association of low IGF-1 and Alzheimer’s disease, and whether ibutamoren could be of help. However, in this study, ibutamoren was ineffective at slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s in humans.

7) Ibutamoren is Beneficial in Treating Growth Hormone Deficiency

Ibutamoren can increase growth hormone, IGF-1, and IGFBP-3 levels in children with growth hormone deficiency. Furthermore, these effects are achieved without changing the concentrations of prolactin, glucose, triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), thyrotropin, cortisol or insulin.

In severely GH-deficient men, ibutamoren increased IGF-1 and growth hormone, with no significant changes in cortisol, PRL, and thyroid hormone levels. However, insulin and glucose were increased.

8) Ibutamoren May Help with Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration

Growth hormone increases tissue regeneration and wound healing, so ibutamoren may help with these.

There are individual reports of ibutamoren being helpful, but scientific studies are lacking.

9) Ibutamoren May Help with Hangovers

This one is anecdotal, but people report curing hangovers with ibutamoren.

(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Usage Tips AASraw Ibutamoren Powder

3.(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Side Effects

The most frequent side effects of ibutamoren are an increase in appetite and transient, mild lower extremity edema and muscle pain (R).

Several studies report an increase in fasting blood glucose and a decrease in insulin sensitivity (R, R).

These side effects are similar to those observed in people with elevated growth hormone levels, mainly joint pain and insulin resistance (R, R).

Although most studies report little or no side effects, one study was terminated because of serious adverse events. In elderly patients with hip fracture, ibutamoren elevated blood pressure, blood glucose and HbA1c, and there were cases of congestive heart failure (R). The patients experiencing congestive heart failure were over 80 and had a history of prior heart failure.

It would be prudent to watch your carbohydrate intake and regularly check blood sugar and insulin levels while taking ibutamoren.

As an anabolic, ibutamoren should be avoided if you have cancer. Both growth hormone and IGF-1 may promote cancer growth.

4.Why to Choose MK-677?

Ibutamoren Powder aka MK-677 Powder has been sold over the counter as a bodybuilding product, or as a research chemical for quite some time now. SARMs are the new big thing so Mk-677 has been marketed as such, however it is in fact NOT a SARM. SARMS are selective androgen receptor modulators, which by act they exact same way steroids do; only SARMs are selective and target only specific androgen receptors. The good thing about SARMs is it’s like taking a mild steroid without getting side effects (immediately anyhow). The potential side effects of SARMs are relatively unknown, although they could be quite harmless and eventually replace steroids all together. That being said, (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder does not target any androgen receptor in the human body, and is therefore not a SARM. Simply put, it’s better than a SARM, and it’s in a complete class of it’s own.

MK-677 is an orally active, bio-available compound that exerts effects that were originally though to be completely indistinguishable from Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP-6). This is more commonly known as ghrelin…the hunger hormone? Ghrelin levels do indeed spike before meals, and the effects of ghrelin and MK-677 happen to make you feel a little hungry. This is a misnomer however, and their action targets multiple brain regions that are important for metabolic engagement. So, as a ghrelin agonist (or GHRP-6), MK-677 activates receptors that prepare the body to nourish, grow, repair, and be active. As well as causing a massive increase in growth hormone levels.

Growth hormone is the real worlds fountain of youth. It makes you stronger, leaner, healthier, improves skin and hair, and possibly even smarter. Although, growth hormone has not been studied as a cognitive enhancer in healthy adults, it is naturally highest during life periods with the highest rate of cognitive development; even more importantly it has been found to improve cognition in those with Alzheimer’s disease. Growth hormone is undoubtedly a staple hormone in our physical development, providing the signal for our muscles to grow and proliferate; creating more muscle cells to mature and strengthen.

Muscle growth and fat loss is the main objective for the majority of people interested in MK-677.  Nice skin and hair definitely doesn’t hurt either, but the real fact here is that MK-677 is a potent growth hormone releasing compound. It has a 24 hour half-life, making it active for long periods of time, and unlike the majority of growth hormone releasing compounds MK-677 does not increase cortisol levels.

Ibutamoren is one of the most powerful and useful SARMS on the market. For those not familiar with the term, SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. These drugs are able to engage only with the androgen receptors in the muscle. This makes them extremely beneficial and in some cases better than steroids, because steroids engage with androgen receptors in bones, skin and internal organs. This can result in various side effects, whereas SARMs can usually be used without experiencing any side effects. This selectiveness makes their anabolic to androgenic ratio approximately 10:1, whereas the ratio in standard injectable testosterone is 1:1. Because of this SARMs are able to produce a better anabolic reaction without the androgenic side effects such as gynecomastia, bloating, high blood pressure etc.

People who stumble upon SARMs, like Ostarine, LGD 4033 or Ligandrol, or YK11,  are generally skeptical, because it seems to good to be true. Well, it’s easy to test and see for yourself, or check out the forums with countless testimonials acknowledging their effectiveness The only downside is that SARMs are not as powerful as regular anabolic steroids. If you’re looking to become a mass monster, then by all means take the most powerful steroids like Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, etc. These will turn you into a mass monster. But SARMs are the best choice for those looking to gain high quality, lean muscle mass in a relatively natural way. One can expect to gain 10-15 pounds of lean muscle within a matter of one cycle (usually 4-5 weeks). Not to mention the cutting benefits, which are in some cases even more impressive.

This was just a small introduction in order for you to understand in which category Ibutamoren belongs. But this compound is truly special and stands out from the standard SARMs in a very interesting way.

5.How To Use Ibutamoren

To use MK-677 is very simple and easy, because it’s an oral supplement and there aren’t any complicated protocols involved. It can be taken for for an extended period of time, up to 10 weeks. A moderate daily dose is 25 mg. Some experienced lifters use doses of 50 mg and higher. This is however, not necessary if you’re using  the supplement for the first time. Adjusting the dose during the cycle is also allowed. If you feel that the dose you’re currently taking is not strong enough to produce the results you expect, you can increase it a bit and see whether it has a stronger effect. And vice-versa, perhaps you can get the same results by taking a lower dosage. Everyone is different, but the standard dose of 25 mg daily does a good job with most users.

If you look around the bodybuilding circles, you will see that many people have had success with combining Ibutamoren, Candarine and Andarine. Used together, these products form a great cutting stack. A powerful cutting cycle of these three supplements combined would last 10 weeks. You would need to take daily 25 mg of Ibutamoren, 20 mg of Cardarine and 25 mg of Andarine. This is a cycle for more advanced users, but it’s enough to produce a contest worthy level of conditioning, vascularity and leanness.

6.What Dosage Should I Take?

Suggested MK-677 Dosage: 25 mgs-50 mgs

Some MK-677 study shows the suggested MK-677 dosage is 25 mgs-50 mgs when it is the oral.

Administration of MK-677 25 mg resulted in a 60.1% increase in serum IGF-1 levels at 6 weeks and a 72.9% increase at 12 months. In mixed-effects models that included treatment, time (month), randomization strata (baseline MMSE score ≤20 vs >20), and interaction of treatment-by-time, there were no significant differences between the treatment groups on the CIBIC-plus or the mean change from baseline scores on the ADAS-Cog, ADCS-ADL, or CDR-sob scores over 12 months.

The most commonly used commonly used dose per day that is recommended to provide the maximum benefit with the least side effects is 25 mg per day. However, you will find that the product is sold in either powder or liquid form ranging from 5 mg up to 1000 mg or more. With a solid powder form, you can divide your dosages up more carefully and break them down into the recommended 25 mg daily dosage. This will also help you save money versus other products that come in pill form, are more expensive, and do not provide the convenience of breaking down dosages so easily.

Taking your dose once a day is fine since the half-life of Mk 677 Ibutamoren is 24 hours. Many people recommend that you take your dose before going to bed because the initial growth hormone pulses have the potential to make some individuals feel tired. This is often a common effect of high-quality growth hormone which is why it is recommended that you take your dose before bedtime so that you will not feel lethargic when you wake up.

It is totally up to you how long you want to plan your cycle duration. Some individuals have reported online that they have taken the supplement for a year or more and show no signs of side effects. As a result, there is no reason to have a predetermined safe cycle length and you can run Mk 677 Ibutamoren for as long as you want without having to worry about natural GH output or desensitization of your pituitary gland. For those who are cautious, you can keep your cycle length to around 12 weeks but it can actually be used for long durations of time. Many people never come off because they love the product that much.

(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Usage Tips AASraw Ibutamoren Powder

7.Why is it Recommended for Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders are always looking for the next best product that can help them gain more muscle and improve their performance. There are thousands of products out there that all claim to provide some type of benefit. However, the potential side effects of many of these products are what most people want to avoid. Common side effects and other health-related problems with these products often include:

– Increased weight gain

– Infertility

– Pattern baldness

– High blood pressure

– Many others

This is where Mk 677 Ibutamoren comes into play because it has been scientifically studied and lab tested over and over again. After so many studies and tests, the results have shown that Mk 677 is proven to be one of the most ideal supplements out there for bodybuilding; as well as any other activity that involves strength training.

Mk 677 Ibutamoren is also best for bodybuilding because it will not affect your testosterone levels in any capacity at all in a negative way. After taking this supplement, there is no need to complete a PCT phase or take an aromatase inhibitor which is required for other products.

Furthermore, when you take an oral dose,  you will immediately increase the release of growth hormone and IGF-1 which is released from the pituitary gland through strong GH pulsations for the next 24 hours. These strong pulses cause your body to create growth hormone releasing peptides that are released naturally instead of treatments many bodybuilders use to take using multiple injections of growth hormone-releasing peptides. With Mk 677 Ibutamoren, it is taken orally and all growth hormone pulsations over the next 24 hours are released from one single dose.

With this high level of oral bioavailability, it does not require any injections and only one dose is needed to reap all the benefits. Before, bodybuilders used to take HGH injections and GH peptide injections that would be required to take in doses that occurred several times a day. You can imagine how uncomfortable this is in addition to the inconvenience when you have to travel since HGH and peptides require refrigerated storage even while traveling.

After ingestion, it stimulates the pituitary gland to cause 12 intense GH pulsations. In order to achieve the same benefit from peptides, you would have to inject GHRP-6 at least 12 times or more per day to achieve the same benefit. In addition, this supplement is stored at room temperature which makes it easy for travel.

With each consecutive day of use,  hormone secretion levels will continue to go up to increasingly higher levels. As this occurs, these higher levels will allow your body to determine how much muscle you will be capable of packing on. In addition, weight gain is rapid and very noticeable in a good way and body fat melts off easier than before. It is not uncommon for someone who is taking it to gain up to 10 pounds within their first week of using the supplement.

As an athlete, sleep quality is just as important as your workout routine to repair and recover. It has been proven to provide better sleep quality that is deeper and dramatically improved due to an increased growth hormone output. Not only will you feel much stronger during workout routines, but you will also see significant increases in nitrogen retention. As a result, you will see muscular development like never before and your endurance will also be greatly enhanced. There will also be an improvement in your complexion to include healthier skin and hair.

8.(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Details:

CAS ID: 159752-10-0

Alias: Ibutamoren, MK-677, MK-0677, L-163,191, L163191, Nutrobal

M.W: 624.77

Formula: C27H36N4O5S

Solubility: Water, DMSO, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol

Purity: >99%

Melting Point: 170 – 172 °C

Storage: at 20 °C 2 years, minimize open air exposure, store in a cool dry place

Half life: 24 hours

Appearance: Off-white to beige fine powder, hygroscopic, acrid odor, acrid metallic taste

(MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder Usage Tips AASraw Ibutamoren Powder

9.How to Take Liquid (MK-677 Powder) Ibutamoren Powder of the?

To make a liquid solution out of raw powder because that’s the best way to precisely measure the doses.

To make a 25mg/ml 30ml liquid solution you will need:

750mg MK-677

28,25ml PEG300

1ml Everclear

Mix it all in together and heat it a bit until it completely dissolves in a solution.

It will taste like a crap but it’s easier to use it.

To buy a glass beaker for mixing and heating and a 30ml bottle. Doing this with every SARM powder but measure how much MG you need based on how much mg/ml you want.

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Author of this article:

Dr. Monique Hong graduated from UK Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine

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6.Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
In no way does this doctor/scientist endorse or advocate the purchase, sale, or use of this product for any reason. Aasraw has no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, with this physician. The purpose of citing this doctor is to acknowledge, acknowledge and commend the exhaustive research and development work done by the scientists working on this substance.


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