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Letrozole powder

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Other names:Femara powder

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Product Description

Letrozole Powder Basic Characters

Name: Letrozole
Molecular Formula:C17H11N5
Molecular Weight:285.31
Melt Point: 181-183°C
Storage Temp:RT
Color: White or off white Crystalline powder


What is Letrozole Powder?

Letrozole Powder is an anti-estrogen and one of the most potent Aromatase inhibitors. It is commonly sold under the brand name Femara among others. Now It is used by many bodybuilders during post-cycle therapy (PCT) and complements other anabolic steroids or prohormones. Letrozole Powder helps the body get back to its normal stage and stabilize the hormonal levels.

How is Letrozole performance enhancing?

Letrozole powder is an aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it blocks an enzyme responsible for a key step in the formation of estrogens. More specifically, the enzyme aromatase is responsible for the conversion of androgens (e.g., testosterone) into estrogens. Letrozole inhibits this process, which reduces the amount of estrogen in the body.

Letrozole is in medication used to fight estrogen-dependent breast cancer in women. By decreasing the amount of estrogen in the body, letrozole can slow or stop the growth of some types of breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.

Letrozole powder is used to treat early breast cancer in women who have experienced menopause (change of life; end of monthly menstrual periods) and who have had other treatments, such as radiation or surgery to remove the tumor. It is also used to treat early breast cancer in women who have experienced menopause and who have already been treated with a medication called tamoxifen (Nolvadex) for 5 years. Letrozole is also used in women who have experienced menopause as a first treatment of breast cancer that has spread within the breast or to other areas of the body or in women whose breast cancer has worsened while they were taking tamoxifen. Letrozole is in a class of medications called nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors. It works by decreasing the amount of estrogen produced by the body. This can slow or stop the growth of some types of breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.

Benefits of Letrozole Powder For Men

For some users, Letrozole Powder, Clomid, and Nolvadex are a case of comparing apples and oranges. Although roughly the same thing, that has different effects, durations, and outcomes.

If you’re concerned about gyno specifically, then Letrozole Powder will work best. It’s nuclear fuel for steroid users who are suffering from gyno, and it can actually reverse the symptoms.

SERMs are also a great choice for bouncing testosterone levels back. Clomid or Nolvadex will bounce your levels back by around 60% from baseline in as little as a month. For general bounce back, these are better than Letrozole Powder.

As a bodybuilder, Letrozole Powder benefits can be attractive because not only does it block this conversion and therefore reduce estrogen levels while allowing the testosterone to rise, but it can also prevent water retention which will lead to a harder, drier look to your muscle tissue. Remember, always buy high-quality Letrozole Powder, that is the precondition to getting the promised Letrozole Powder benefits it has. AASraw Letrozole Powder supplier, contact us now.

Overall, l had a great experience using Letrozole Powder for PCT, and online, there’s a lot of positive talk about Letrozole Powder’s benefits using it as well.

There is a bit of a contradiction that confuses people, in that aromatase inhibitors generally stop conversion, while SERMs are better at targeting estrogen receptors in certain tissues, especially the breast. And yet, amongst bodybuilders, AASraw Letrozole Powder is seen as best for gyno, when you would think the opposite was true and that Nolvadex/Clomid would be.

l think what this is mostly about is that it’s so potent at higher doses, that the general effects are so strong they shut down that gyno progress, and can even reverse it. On the other hand, Nolvadex and Clomid can be potent, but they don’t kick in so aggressively and maintain at the start, giving time for the gyno to progress.

The Side Effects of Letrozole Powder?

Common side effects can be like menopause symptoms and include hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, and low mood. Side effects usually improve after a few months as your body gets used to the medicine. Your doctor will monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and bone density during your treatment.

The Dosage of Letrozole Powder

①Letrozole Dosage During Anabolic Steroid Use

Making the mistake of taking too much Letrozole Powder during steroid use will have no benefit and bring about negative effects, like fatigue, Of course, buying high-quality Letrozole(Femara) Powder is also important. So it’s critical to maintain a sensible Letrozole Powder dosage.

With a medical dose usually around 2.5mg daily, we would look at no higher than that and most of the time even lower. To protect from estrogen-related side effects during steroid use a dose of as low as 0.5mg to 1.25mg every two days is often enough for excellent estrogenic-related protection for most men.

Only if you are experiencing early signs of gynecomastia would increasing the dose at this time up to 2.5mg per day potentially even fully reverse the symptoms, but be prepared for a noticeable zap in energy during this time. Once gyno symptoms subside it’s important to reduce your Letrozole Powder dosage back down to regular estrogenic protection levels.

②Female Letrozole Powder Dosage

Increased estrogen levels are not anywhere near as great a concern for female steroid users as it is for males. The main reason for using an aromatase Inhibitor like Letrozole Powder by females would be to mitigate water retention, especially for competitive bodybuilders or physique athletes where this is most important.

In fact, Letrozole Powder is not recommended as a first choice for females due to its potency in reducing estrogen so much, hence why it is not used medically by females who have not gone through menopause. Females who are determined to use Letrozole Powder are advised to dose at just 0.5mg every other day and gauge results and effects from there.

Letrozole Powder vs Clomid vs Arimidex for PCT

Letrozole Powder Clomid powder and Arimidex powder are very similar compounds. Both are nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors and both are favored by anabolic steroid users to prevent estrogenic side effects. Both drugs have a similar side effect risk profile. Out of these three AIs, Arimidex generally takes the lead as being more widely used by bodybuilders but this can come down to a number of factors including availability, cost, and wanting to follow in the path of what friends and online acquaintances might recommend.

While both of these AIs can help stimulate natural testosterone production, neither is considered by most guys to be the right choice for PCT when used alone; in fact, many people won’t use a powerful AI like Arimidex or Letrozole Powder during PCT at all, and instead go for a SERM drug with Nolvadex being a popular choice, alongside Clomid and often HCG as well.

The main reason for this is that Arimidex is very good at lowering estrogen, and Letrozole even more so. They are so powerful at this task that they can result in estrogen levels that are too low even for the male body.

Clomid (clomiphene citrate) powder is another drug often used by steroid users. Unlike Letrozole Powder which is an aromatase inhibitor, Clomid is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Both drugs are very effective but they work differently, so one can not be said to be better than the other.

If you want an aromatase inhibitor, Letrozole Powder is possibly the best at controlling estrogen symptoms while you’re on a steroid cycle while Clomid is a standard choice for PCT use. Letrozole Powder is effective at lowering overall estrogen so is excellent for both water retention control and gyno, while Clomid specifically targets the breast tissue.

For PCT usage, Clomid is considered a better choice because it does not suppress overall estrogen levels the way that Letrozole does which provides a better hormonal balance for restoring your normal testosterone production after a steroid cycle. By comparison, Letrozole Powder is generally considered too powerful as an estrogen-reduction drug to be a good choice for PCT.

Where to buy Letrozole Powder?

Letrozole powder is possibly the most powerful aromatase inhibitor for preventing gyno and this should be your ultimate goal: to stop the condition from starting to develop at all while you’re using steroids. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to gyno, but if you do find that you’re starting to get those early signs then Letrozole has in some cases stopped them and reversed them.

AASraw aiming to manufacture and supply chemical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), is a trusted provider of high-quality Letrozole powder and other related products. Their commitment to rigorous quality control and adherence to industry standards ensures that customers receive only the best products for their health and well-being. By shopping at AASraw, individuals seeking Letrozole powder can enjoy a convenient, secure, and reliable purchasing experience, all while benefiting from their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

Letrozole Powder Testing Report-HNMR

Letrozole (Femara) powder HNMR

What is HNMR and What does the HNMR spectrum tell you? H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an analytical chemistry technique used in quality control and research for determining the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure. For example, NMR can quantitatively analyze mixtures containing known compounds. For unknown compounds, NMR can either be used to match against spectral libraries or to infer the basic structure directly. Once the basic structure is known, NMR can be used to determine molecular conformation in solution as well as study physical properties at the molecular level such as conformational exchange, phase changes, solubility, and diffusion.

Letrozole Powder(112809-51-5)-COA

Letrozole Powder(112809-51-5)-COA

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In no way does this doctor/scientist endorse or advocate the purchase, sale, or use of this product for any reason. Aasraw has no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, with this physician. The purpose of citing this doctor is to acknowledge and commend the exhaustive research and development work done by the scientists working on this substance.


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